Entidad para la promoción de las CC Forenses y del Comportamiento

Behavior & Law Research Foundation have been created to the aim to promote research, disclosure and training in the context of the Behavioral Sciences and the Forensic Sciences. 



The main objective of Behavior & Law Research Foundation is the promotion of scientific research in the field of Behavioral and Forensic Sciences.

To do it, we focus our activity on:

Research Groups, with a very applied point of view. We like research lines which leading to practical results conducted by multidisciplinary teams formed by researchers and professional in the context of forensic and behavior.

• Collaboration with universities and research institutions over all the world.

• Establishment of grants programme to fund research lines.



We are proud of our contribution to the development of science, but equally we consider that one of the main objectives of Behavior & Law Research Foundation is research disclosure.

Nowadays we offer to our readers, in a freeway, different papers which collect researchs made by universities arround the world, which have been published in scientific journals. The articles are summarize, translate it into Spanish by us and make available to the over 300,000 readers of our blogs.

Where you read these articles?

• About Behavior Sciences you can go to Nonverbal Language Club.

• About Forensic Sciences you can go to Forensic Sciences Club.




Behavior & Law Research Fundation carry out university training programmes with fundamental and common characteristics: they are conducted by the most important proffesors and researchers in Spanish language; they are endorsed by partner universities; they are based in the scientific research; and they use e-learning toolless that making accesible the training to people all over the world. The programmes are grouped into:

• University postgraduates : Master (60 credits) and Especialist (30 credits).

• Improvement university courses. Short duration courses on specific subjects of Forensic Sciences and Nonverbal Behavior.

• Attendance-based seminars and conferences.

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